Friday, September 12, 2008

Bella Cullen and I have the same birthday...

I know I've said this a gazillion times but time really does fly, doesn't it? 
It was this exact time last year when my roommate Anna and I were watching Billy Crawford's mini concert in the William Shaw Little Theater.
It was this exact date last year when I thought that bangs might look good on me. (I was very, very wrong about this.)

It's the big 2-0 tomorrow. 
I'm still having a little trouble with the fact that, in just a few hours, I will no longer have the right to call myself a teenager. 
It's mind-boggling.

At least I learned something relevant in Spanish the other day:

Cumpleaños feliz,
Cumpleaños feliz,
Te deseamos todos

Cumpleaños feliz :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

I don't want a man...

One of my favorite songs from Disney's Hercules is "I won't say I'm in love" sung by Megara and the muses. I've listened to most of its versions in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, and Mandarin. But my favorites are the French and German versions. In French, it's called "Jamais Je N'avouerai". In German, it's "Ich will keinen Mann". I think the German version is kinda funny when translated in English (literally, that is). I love it.

Ich will Keinen Mann (I don't want a man)

Wenn es für Dummheit einen Preis gäb     (If there was a prize for idiocy)
würd ich garantiert gewinnen     (I'd win it for sure)
Die Herren gehen mir auf die Nerven     (Men annoy me)
Das hab ich hinter mir,     (I'm over that)
Männer spinnen!     (men are mad!)

Was willst du verstecken?     (What do you want to conceal)
Du bist in den Kerl verschossen!     (You've a crush on that guy)
Willst du uns erschrecken     (Do you want to scare us)
und ihn von der Kante stoßen?     (and turn him down)
Ändere deine Meinung     (change your mind)
sonst bist du allein und er ist nicht mehr da!     (or else you'll be alone and he'll be gone)


Meg: Oh nein! Niemals! Nie im Leben, nicht so!     (Oh, no! Never! No way, not like that!)

Muses: Gib's zu, du schwebst nur auf Wolken     (Admit it, you're floating on clouds)

Meg: Kein Liebeskram!     (No lovey-dovey!)

Nein, ich will keinen Mann!     (No, I don't want a man)

Ich will die Männer nur vergessen     (I just want to forget about men)
sonst werd ich's bitter bereuen     (or else I'm going to regret it bitterly)
Das ganze ist für mich gegessen!     (This kind of thing is past to me!)
sonst werd ich nächtelang nur noch heulen!     (otherwise I'd be crying for nights!)

Was soll das Gejammer?     (What's the point of your lamentation?)
Du willst alles nur verneinen!     (You only want to deny everything!)
Das ist doch der Hammer!     (That's just about the limit!)
Es gibt für dich noch einen     (There's only one [guy] left on your mind)
Sei jetzt mal erwachsen!      (Act like a grown-up now!)
Mach jetzt keine Faxen!      (Don't be silly now!)
Mädchen, sag, sag, sag doch ja!      (Honey, say, say, come on say yes!)


Meg: Oh nein! Niemals! Nie im Lieben nicht so!

Muses: Du wirst schon sehen      (You're gonna see)
sag der Liebe Hallo!     (say hello to love!)

Meg: Es tut nur weh     (it only hurts)
Nein, ich will keinen Mann!     (No, I don't want a man!)

Muses: Sei still, du spinnst ja, du willst einen Mann!     (Shut up, you're out of your mind, you do want a man!)

Meg: So muss es sein, ich will keinen!      (It has to be like that, I don't want a man!)
Lasst mich, allein, ich will keinen!     (Leave me alone, I don't want a man!)

Muses: Sieh's endlich ein     (Realize it at last)
du bekommst einen Mann      (you will get a man)

Meg: Na fein, kann sein     (Very well then, that may be true)
außer ihm keinen Mann..      (no man except for him..)

* here's the imeem link if you wanna listen to it:

Friday, September 05, 2008


It's been a while since I last went there. 
Almost six months, in fact.
I'm going tomorrow because it's my friend's birthday so we're gonna sleep over at her house.
I guess that means I'm gonna board a Batangas Star Express.