Sunday, May 13, 2007


When the word catwalk is mentioned, you immediately think of the ramp that models strut their stuff on.

Not in my case. Not anymore.

I am a scriptwriting pool trainee of the Green Media Group and when you sa catwalk, I immediately think of the thin walkway situated about 40-50 feet (i hope i estimated right) above DLSU manila's sports complex. So far, I've had to climb that thing twice. While I am not really acrophobic, I don't consider the experience pleasant nonetheless. I'm quite paranoid so I can't help but think that I will plummet to my death whenever I get up there. I sincerely hope this never happens to anyone because if that drop doesn't kill you, it will sure give you a hellish amount of pain.

The last time I was up there, Parokya Ni Edgar's "Gitara" started playing on the loudspeakers. It made me wanna hurl myself off the catwalk because that song made me rememeber someone that I'm not particularly fond of right now.

That got me thinking.

I'm a very emotional person which is why my mood is easily affected by the littlest things.
Here are other songs that would make me wanna fling myself off the edge of the catwalk if ever I hear them played when I am up there:

Magpakailanman by Rocksteddy
You Are The One by Freestyle
'Til I Found You by Freestyle
Before I Let You Go by Freestyle
Tell Me by Side A
Half Crazy by Freestyle

So far, these are the only ones that strongly affect me right now. I'll upadate this list when I remember more.

I have nothing against the artists who wrote and performed the aforementioned songs nor do I have anything against the people who like them. It's just that they symbolize a time in my life that I would much rather not have gone through.
That's what makes them unbearable for me..

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