Tuesday, April 17, 2007

APRIL 16, 2007

I'm in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. I came home last friday with my whole closet in tow. No kidding. That laundry bag must've weighed 20kilos, at least. Probabaly even 30. I'm bad at estimating but I'm quite sure I got this right. Well, kind of. But whatever. I'm not really dedicating a whole blog entry to my laundry.

I just finished reading Niki Burnham's Spin Control for the nth time. I've only been home for four days and I've finished four books in that short span of time. Boredom pretty much prompted me to act like the total geek that I am.

The last four books that I've read are: Seventh Heaven by Meg Cabot, Haunted by Meg Cabot, Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham and it's sequel, Spin Cotrol. I'm a fairly wide reader (although you're NEVER gonna get me to read Umberto Eco, JRR Tolkien, and their ilk) so I don't mind reading teen-ish stuff from time to time which whould explain the choice of books that I've made for the past few days.

I am a huge Meg Cabot fan. Her stories and her characters are downright funny and her writing is exceptionally witty which is why I still read her stuff even if they're not exactly meant for eighteen year old college students like myself. I can't help the fact that I'm still a kid at heart. I tried reading Ms. Cabot's Every Boy's Got One and She Went All the Way (which, I suppose, are more appropriate for people my age) but I didn't like them as much as I did The Princess Diaries Series, The Mediator Series, and All-American Girl. Just in case you're not familliar with Meg Cabot's works, let me clue you in a little. The Princess Diaries is about a typical high school freshman named Mia Thermopolis who later finds out that she is the sole heir to the throne of a small European principality called Genovia. The movie version was based on this series. Although they did change a lot of things in the movie. Mia's father didn't die in the books. He got testicular cancer which rendered him sterile which was why Mia, his illegitimate child, became his sole heir. The Mediator Series is about Sussanah Simon aka Suze. Suze is also your average American teenager. Except for one teeny little difference: she can see and speak to ghosts. It's her life's mission to lead lost souls to where they're supposed to go. All American Girl is about Samantha Madison who ends up saving the president of the USA from an assassination attempt. Her lifepretty much goes crazy after that. All in all, fun reads.


Ok, I took a little break there. Remember those four books that I told you about? Make it five. I just finished Erich Segal's Love Story. It's nothing to rave about, really, but it was ok. It's pretty sad because someone dies in the end. It's quite funny though. The main characters, Jenny Cavilleri and Oliver Barrett IV fall in love with each other but they're not your everyday average mushy gushy couples. This is just an example of how they talk to each other:

Oliver: "Listen, you snotty Radcliffe bitch, Friday night is the Dartmouth hockey game.'
Jenny: 'So?'
Oliver: 'So I'd like you to come.'
Jenny: ' Why the hell should I come to a lousy hockey game?'
Oliver: 'Because I'm playing.'

Cool right? Here's another excerpt from the book. They were studying in Oliver's dorm room when this conversation took place between them.

Jenny: "Oliver, you're gonna flunk out if you just sit there watching me study."
Oliver: "I'm not watching you study. I'm studying."
Jenny: "Bullshit. You're looking at my legs."
Oliver: "Only once in a while. Once every chapter."
Jenny: "That book has extremely short chapters."
Oliver: "Listen, you narcissistic bitch, you're not that great looking."
Jenny: "I know. But can I help it if you think so?"
Oliver: "Jenny, for Christ's sake, how can I read John Stuart Mill when every single second I'm dying to make love to you?"

Ok, I'll stop there. I've spoiled the story enough for you. Anyways, it's an ok book. If you have nothing better to do, I think it's worth a look.


I took a really long nap this afternoon. There's nothing better to do around here. After having lived in Manila for the past two years or so, life here in the province seems fairly tame. Not necessarily less fun. Just quieter. So I spent the afternoon sleeping. I had a really strange dream, too. When I woke up, I told Tita Auda about it 'cause she's really good at interpreting dreams and stuff. She has a Psychology degree from UP, just so you know. So she told me what my dream could possibly mean. And I was flabbergasted. She was absolutely right. It's so unfair. How can he still affect me like this when I have no effect on him whatsoever anymore. Grr. Whatever. I told my aunt how frustrating it is. She understands, of course. Which is why I love going to her for advice.She's a great listener. And she gives kick ass advice.


Jorge Solis' flawless record is now marred by one loss through knock out thanks to Manny Pacquiao. I wasn't at all surprised. There is a very good reason why Filipinos and boxing fans the world over put him in high esteem. The guy is awesome. Great job, Pacman. Thanks for doing us proud all over again. You rock.

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