Thursday, April 10, 2008

Break-up Notes

Break ups are never easy. No matter how many times I try to delude myself into thinking that I’m glad that it’s over, it never works. I can’t help but feel bad about it (as any normal person should, I guess). I’m trying my best to act all normal and happy. Most of the time, it works. But there are moments all throughout the day when I just stop in the middle of whatever I’m doing (be it homework, chores, walking down the street, reporting in front of the whole class, and other stuff like that) and try to suppress the hollow feeling inside my chest. I wake up in the morning hoping to feel better and then I remember that sickening empty feeling again and my day goes off to a bad start. And then there are the memories. You know when you see a particular object or walk past a particular place and it just strongly reminds you of that particular person? Yeah, I have that right now. It seems silly for my eyes to well up at the sight of a Batangas Star Express bus, but they do. I’m a very emotional person and the smallest things could trigger my tear ducts. Which is stupid, I know, but I can’t help it. That’s just the way I am. I easily get attached to people so when the time to let go comes, I find it very hard to say goodbye. This most recent heartache is the least of my problems, really, but it’s the one that bugs me the most. I’m facing so many more pressing problems right now and I just want to let go of the grief. I’m so tired of crying and feeling bad already. It’s just got to stop.
Being the moody person that I am, I can swing from pessimism to optimism in the drop of the hat. Either I’m completely losing it (again) or I’ve developed a mild case of bipolar disorder. I suppose there is a bright side to all this. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I certainly hope so.
I can't stop listening to this song. I'm addicted.
Forget About Me (Lil Bit)
You said, it wasn't gonna be like it was before.
Then it happened again.
Pushing me back out the door.
Thought it would be for real this time.
Love made me forget about the signs.
So now what do i do?
Now that I know that we're through.

Wish that I could move on
Can't let go, it's too strong
Just like that and then you're gone
If this how you want it to be?
Everything you had to say
Sent the tears right down my face
Now I'm trying to escape
The misery

Why don't you love me?
The way I'd loved you
It feels so crazy
'Coz I don't know what I did to you
If you're gonna hurt me
Then do it quickly
'Coz I'm tired of cryin'
If you don't wanna stick around
Then, baby forget about me.

Too late, sorry.
I didn't have the chance
You said you were happy
Baby, I don't understand
Gave you everything you asked for
And was ready to give you a lot more
I would've given you the world
Right in the palm of your hand.



Boy, my heart was true
And that you can't deny
Don't be a fool
And walk away from all the lies
It's up to you
'Coz heaven knows I've tried
Tell me you're still in love.


Forget about me
I really love you.

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