Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a good thing I was wrong..

I can't waste time by moping around anymore. Misery sucks so, from now on, I'll just concentrate on the things that make me happy.

The Austrian Embassy finally decided to grant me my visa so I'm leaving on Monday at 12:20 a.m. I am so looking forward to this trip because I miss my family so much. I haven't seen my mom and my brother for two years and my dad for four months. Another reason why I'm psyched about this trip is that my parents promised to take me to Italy, Hungary, and Germany this year. If we have time, I might get to see France and Greece as well. As a European Studies major, I'm really interested in visiting the places that we've been discussing inside the classroom plus I really love to travel plus plus it's cold there. Right now, I'm so busy shopping for pasalubong, making last minute arrangements, organizing my luggage (it's the O.C in me, I can't help it), blahblahblah that I barely have time for much else (I just took a break to check my mail and got sidetracked by my blog and
My braces have finally been taken off (after four years). I'm not really too happy about this because I like my braces but I just felt like sharing the info. Hehe.
My third term grades are also a cause of happiness for me right now because they are much better than I expected. I'm quite happy with my grades. (word of advice: as much as possible, don't break up with anyone on finals week because it will drive you nuts. Take my word for it.).

I thought this was going to be a really awful summer. It turns out I was wrong. Thank God for that.

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