Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A True Story..

Here's something that you don't see everyday:

Girl is standing inside her dorm room's utility room talking to her boyfriend on the phone when her roomate knocks on the door to tell her that the guard is looking for her. Girl is perplexed because she couldn't think of a reason why the guard would want to talk to her (except maybe to tell her that her father is on the phone or that her classmates are the gate or maybe to borrow her cellphone charger). So the girl walks down to the guard house (still talking to her boyfriend on the phone) and is surprised to find the guard giggling (yes giggling) and pointing to a package. Girl looks at the package and her eyes open wide because, written there in big bold letters is : From: JOHNRY CHUA (which happens to be her boyfriend's name), To: Girl's Full Name and Address. She starts "Oh-my-God-ing" on the phone and is speechless for quite some time. Her boyfriend feigns innocence and asks her what's going on. So she tells him. She starts jumuping up&down (the guard still giggling and teasing her about the package). She grabs the package and runs up to her room squealing (yes, that's the word) in delight. She takes a few moments to regain her composure and tears open the package. Inside she finds three stuffed toy dogs ( a large one, a medium sized one, and a small one). Keep in mind that her boyfriend is still on the phone with her. She hugs the dogs and jumps up and down once again. She looks inside the Blue Magic bag and finds a scroll inside. She hands the phone to her roommate because she needed some space to take in everything that was happening. She reads the letter. She cries. Her roommate hands the phone back to her because the call got disconnected. Her boyfriend calls again. She thanks him in between sobs. Her roommates read the letter and tell her that her hair is mahaba afterwards. She keeps crying. Her boyfriend keeps trying to pacify her. When she finally calms down, she thanks her boyfriend afterwards and teels him that she loves him. They talk mushy for a while and, when he finally puts down the phone, she reflects and is hit with the realization that she is indeed lucky to have him in her life.
Why am I addressing myself in the 3rd person? Wala lang. I love you, Johnry. Thank you for that pleasant surprise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how happy you made me. Well, actually you kind of do since I told you but still. You know what I mean.
I'll take good care of Johnry the 2nd, Kat Jr., and Moogle.