Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's been happening...
So many things have happened since I last updated this that I could not possibly write everything down. But I'll try to.
SEPTEMBER 23, 2006:
I agreed to be Johnry's girlfriend. Those of you who know me well might be rolling your eyes at the fact that I have another boyfriend when it hasn't been that long since I broke up with the last one. Don't think I didn't contemplate on that before I got into this relationship because I did. I thought about it long and hard and, as you can see, I decided to take the plunge in the end. And you know what? I don't regret my decision. Johnry is a sweet, caring, funny, intelligent, thoughful, and loving person and I'm proud to call him my boyfriend.
It's been hell. I don't know if it's just me but I've been mentally and physicall exhausted for the past few days. INTROFI is killing me!!! It is a very intersting subject but the workload will push me to an early grave. Still trying to work hard for it, though, because I don't want to fail that subject. Apart from that, I am having no trouble with my other majors. INPRINT, INTRORE, and INBROAD could be boring at times but they're very informative. FILIPI3 is FILIPI3. It is a constant test of my Tagalog communication skills. GENDERS is undoubtedly my favorite subject for this term. I get culture shock every once in a while (who am I kidding? I get shocked almost every meeting) but the course is FUN, FUN, FUN. Mostly because I learn a lot of interesting info and we get to talk about topics that are normally considered as taboo (sex, homosexuality, blah,blah,blah). Don't get me wrong, I am not a green minded person, it's just that it's refreshing to be able to voice out your concerns/opinions about those kinds of topics without fearing judgment.
They don't call it a DIE-et for nothing. I miss eating good, calorie-loaded foods like maltesers, oreos, animo sour cream flavored mojos (w/ the garlic mayo dip), gonuts donuts, adobo, longganisa, bacon, eggs, green chippy, binagoongan, kare-kare, pizza, burgers, french fries, hash brown, blahblahblah. I am stuck with wheatbread and bananas. Grrr.
What else?
My brain is, once again, cluttered with so many thoughts that they seem to be bouncing off each other so that I cannot comprehend what each is trying to communciate. I am, in other words, going bonkers (again, i know..hehe). I am frustrated with schoolwork but I am happy with my love life and everything else that I'm supposed to be happy about.