Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wheeeee ^^,

I'm leaving for Hong Kong at 7:25 pm today with my Tita Digs and my cousins Borgy and James. I can barely contain my excitement. The only other Asian country that I've been to is Bangkok and I only got to see the airport so I'm not sure if that really counts.
I'm especially excited about going to Disneyland. I've always dreamt of visiting that place since I was a kid and now that that wish is about to be fulfilled, I'm ecstatic. I'm the kind of person who is scared witless by the thought of ghosts, snakes, and flying ipis. I guess you can call me duwag (like my boyfriend has done A LOT) but when it comes to adrenaline rush-inducing carnival rides, I'm game. Sure, you can't get me to watch "Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara" all by myself (or at all, for that matter) but you can make me ride the Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom in a heartbeat (over and over and over and over again).
I'm also really psyched about going to ocean park because they have a theme park there, too. There's this one ride that I'm really itching to try: The Abyss turbo drop. According to the ocean park website, it raises you up and it drops you straight down in free fall. It's total height is 185 feet (about 20 floors). It's my kind of ride. And, of course, they have rollercoasters which, as you probably can tell, I absolutely love.
This promises to be an awesome trip. Looks like I'll have plenty of kwento when I get back. 'Til then. Ciao for now.

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