Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The 1st

My year 2007 was off to a crappy start. If you know me well, you'll know why. I spent most of the year moping, griping, grumbling, blahblahblah. In other words, I almost ruined the whole year by being every single version of surly that I can think of. Good thing my 2007 wasn't completely wasted 'cause during the latter part of the year, I did some growing up and managed to let go of most of my grudges and learned to accept that some things are just beyond the scope of my control.

And then of course Bugoy came and brightened up my life again. He made everything better. He made me smile (not the pained, seemingly constipated, “pilit” kind of smile that I had gotten so accustomed to but the genuine “i -can't-stop-smilng-cause-i'm-so-effing-happy smile). I fell in love just when I thought I'd never feel that way again. Mushy, I know, but whatever. I'm so thankful that he came into my life because in him, I found not only a good boyfriend, but also a best friend: he's my confidante, my one-man cheering squad when I need encouragement, my clown, my shoulder to cry on ('cause I'm such a big crybaby), my caffeine (he keeps me awake when I have a lot of studying to do), my favorite pillow (I love the fact that he's so huggable), my kakulitan whenever I feel extra hyper...He means so much to me. He makes me feel loved, wanted, and accepted for who I am so I feel comfortable with him 'cause I can just be me. He is one of if not the best gift that God gave me in 2007 and I hope I get to keep him forever.

Thanks for everything, bee. I love you.
Happy new year and happy 1st monthsary.

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