Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bitin na bitin..

I love weekends. Seriously, why do they have to end so quickly? No more sleeping in for me. Oh, wait, my first class isn't until 11.40 tomorrow. I can sleep in. Teehee.
I spent the better part of the day lazing around. Which, for me, includes lots of sleep, a bit of reading, and some internet time. Of course, my phone practically remained glued to my hand. It's disgusting how attached I've become to it. I start hyperventilating if I'm separated from it for too long. I'm not using my other number (SUN) since I lent my other phone to my roomate. I'll be getting it back soon because I want to buy a Smart sim. Why? Because I want to have one. Plain and simple.

I just finished reading Meg Cabot's 'Every Boy's Got One'. I am sorry to say that it was a bummer. It's supposed to be a grown up-ish book but the character, Jane Harris, is like a thirty year old version of Mia Thermopolis. It was hilarious, I'll give her that but it was..predictable. I love Meg Cabot but I advise you against reading this particular book.

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