Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm busy again.
I like it this way.

Especially since Oct. 21 is looming nearer and nearer.
Followed, of course by Oct. 22-24.
It's times like this when I sincerely wish that I didn't have such a good photographic memory.
I'd really rather not remember but I can't help it.
Memories are haunting me not only when I'm awake but they've actually started penetrating my dreams.
One whole week of dreaming about someone that I don't even wanna dream about anymore.
Hirap na hirap na ko.
Di ko na alam gagawin ko.
I'm so effing lost.
Bakit parang lahat ng tao sa paligid ko masaya?
Am I missing something here?
I guess I was absent when they taught the formula for happiness in school.
I'm trying my best to be happy.
Ayoko na.
Pagod na pagod na ko.
Gusto ko na din maging masaya.
Ang tanong..
Pano ba?

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