Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mga bagay bagay na walang kinalaman sa isa't isa..

It's common knowledge that I easily get bored which is why I almost never stay put in one place. I guess that's why I got some messages and a call yesterday from people who wanted to make sure that I wasn't in Glorietta2 when the explosion happened. Thank God I wasn't and nobody that I know got hurt. Thanks for the concern.

= = = = =

Two new discoveries:
  • Starbucks' green tea and berry cheesecake (it kinda sounds weird but it's really, really, really good, i promise..)
  • Cerealicious' Pirates of the Cadbury Fan (may cerealicious pala sa animo noh? i just found out the other day..hehe..)
= = = = =

International chismis:
A female politician in Germany is thinking of passing some law wherein all marriage contracts wil expire every seven years. Those who wish to renew their contracts may do so but those who have had it with their spouses may opt not to renew. She's proposing it as an alternative to divorce, I think.
What will they come up with next?

= = = = =

I hate getting sick. Sore throat. Cough. Colds. Headache. What's even suckier is that I can't take medicines because I'm allergic. Everytime I tell people this, they seem startled. I used to think it was a common allergy but I guess it's not. Erm. Is it? I'm not sure. I only know one other person who has the same allergies as me. Don't ask who.

= = = = =

Midterms na! Let's not forget Sir Pedro's (POLIGOV) reminder before exams:
"You may look upwards in contemplation, downwards in consternation, but never sidewards in desperation.."
Happy exam week, fellow LaSallians.. ^^,

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