Monday, December 03, 2007


After 11 months of relentless “pagmumukmok”, I am happy again. Really, truly, genuinely, walking on air happy.

Despite the fact that I’ve practically sworn off men since my last ex broke up me, I found myself unexpectedly falling for someone and guess what? He’s my boyfriend now!

December 1, 2007: I officially became Bugoy’s girlfriend. And I am so effing happy that I could just cry. So happy. Since January 2007, I never thought I’d fall in love again but there you go. I am so in love and I am so happy. This is the best feeling in the world.

Out of all the guys who courted me, Bugoy was the only who managed to prove that he’s dead serious with me. Not that the others didn’t try but Bugoy is the only one that I really feel comfortable with. He’s funny. He’s really sweet. He’s thoughtful. He’s kind and caring. And it also doesn’t hurt to mention that he’s cute. Hehe. He’s sensitive to my feelings and he makes me feel special and loved. I haven’t felt like that since who knows when. I am just sooooo happy. Thank you, Bugoy, for making me feel this way. You are truly a blessing and I hope I get to keep you forever.

To my last ex. You know who you are. I have no idea if you know how much you hurt me but I just want you to know that I learned a lot because of you. So, despite everything, I’m still somehow thankful for you. I’m finally moving on and I can finally be happy for you. I hope this is the last time that I will ever mention you. I wish you all the best.

To my Hubby:

Thank you for making me happy. You really are my guardian angel. I’m looking forward to making this work with you. I love you.

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