Sunday, July 08, 2007

Triple Seven

Yesterday was considered by the superstitious as the luckiest day of the millennium because it was July 7, 2007: 7-07-07. There was a scramble to secure lotto tickets, casinos were full to bursting, an overwhelming number of weddings took place, and so on.

I’m not really the superstitious type but I tend to fall into the bandwagon every once in a while. I mean, you have nothing to lose, right?

Yesterday was undoubtedly a good day for La Sallians because the Green Archers won by 21 points against the UP Maroons in the 1st basketball game of the 70th season of the UAAP. I wasn’t able to watch it live because tickets were sold out by the time I decided to buy. I was only able to watch the first few minutes on Studio 23 because I promised one of my roommates that I’d go to Greenhills with her. Too bad. But then again, that’s what replays were invented for. At least we won. Yey!!

We have discovered that it only costs a hundred and twenty bucks to take a cab from our dorm to Greenhills. Looks like we’ll be going there more often. I don’t mind. I love Greenhills. Especially the Fully Booked in Promenade. Four floors of books, books, and more books. It’s a bookworm’s paradise.
After my roommate wore her wallet out at the tiangges, she and I decided to search for the newly opened Krispy Kreme at Greenhills because neither of us have ever tried their world-famous doughnuts. We wanted to see what we were missing so we kept searching despite the rain. We had almost given up looking and were about to hail a cab when we saw a tarp pointing to where Krispy Kreme was. Lucky, right?

I had Krispy Kreme for the first time in my life yesterday. I’m a big fan Gonuts Donuts which were, allegedly, copied from Krispy Kreme so I’ve been wanting to try them since the first store opened in Taguig. I never got the chance until yesterday. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are only slightly better than Gonuts Donuts. They’re both good. The major difference is the price. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts cost 38 pesos each while Gonuts are more affordable at 20 something. And there are more Gonuts stores and they are much more accessible than Krispy Kreme which only has three branches (Taguig, Megamall, Greenhills). But, like my economics professor always says, a good that is least available tends to have a higher demand (or something to that effect). Anways, if you haven’t tried Krispy Kreme yet, I recommend the Sour Cream glazed. I know it sounds weird but it’s really yummy, I promise.

That’s pretty much how my day went yesterday.

How was your 7-07-07?

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