Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am now the proud owner of a Sigma SD9. Yeah, baby!! It's the very first digital camera to utilize X3 sensor technology. I have no idea what that means but it sounds complicated so I like it. I am so excited. I'd bring it to school today if it weren't raining but it is so..Some other time. Of course I'm still drooling after a Nikon D70 but, hey, beggars can't be choosers. Besides, a DSLR is a DLSR. I ain't complaining. Thanks Mutti and Vati!!!
I was up at the crack of dawn. 7am actually but whatever. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. I'm quite restless. But in a good way. I think.
It isn't even noon yet but I've already made a considerable dent in my wallet. I'm 300 bucks poorer because I had to go to Makati today to meet up with my ninang. My parents sent me my DLSR (i love saying it: MY DSLR..hehe..) through her and we met up at the Austrian Embassy so she could give it to me. Since I didn't feel like being trampled at the LRT and MRT, I decided to take a cab. So there. I don't mind though. I like spending for stuff that makes me happy. I've been told (more times than I can count) that I am an impulsive buyer/spender. When I like something, I buy it. I won't rest until I do anyways so I might as well go ahead and splurge. Call me materialistic but nothing can change that. I've been spoiled rotten. haha. My parents compensate for their physical absence by buying me practically whatever I want. I'm not a brat, though. I still know when to draw the line.
I'm uploading friendster pics for my brother. The kid is growing up. He's taller than me now. tsk. Can't even bully him anymore. Kidding. I love my little bro. Our favorite pastime is wrestling. I usually win but, once in a while, I let him. I think he has a grilfriend now. Her name is Katie and she is British. I think he's a little young to be having a girlfriend. He's only thirteen for crying out loud. How old was I when I had my first boyfriend? Fourteen. That's a whole year older!!! hehe. I'm being over protective aren't I? He's my only sibling, it's quite understandable I suppose. I might not be expressive but I love that little critter to bits. I'm saving up for a PSP. He badly wants one. He was supposed to get one last last month but my parents took one look at his cellphone bill and *poof* it became coco crunch. Goodbye, PSP. Hello, grounded-ness (?). But he really, really wants one. I made him promise me before I went back to the Philippines that he'll behave himself, help out with the chores at home, blah. blah. blah. If he does, I'll buy him a PSP when I return next summer. I don't think he believed me but I love surprising people and, boy, would he be surprised.
Uh-oh. I lost track of time. I'd better go.

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