Friday, July 21, 2006

Feeling better and better..

The past six days have been a whirlwind of mixed emotions. I can't begin to express just how glad I am that I'm finally starting to calm down from all the excitement. I'm still happy, thank God, but the anxiety is winding down. Whoopdeedoo for me.
I told Carlo about my worries and he gave me some pretty kick-ass advice. Thanks, Christian Achiever (kahit di mo 'to mababasa..hehe). Seriously, who would have thought that he and I would become friends. After our block's relentless teasing last and last last term, I thought I'd never have the guts to face him again. But, yey, we're friends now. Kind of close ones, even. We just laugh off our block's ridiculous idea that he and I are an item. As showbiz as this may sound, he and I are really just friends. I'll always be "Trivia Master" to him and he'll always be "Christian Achiever aka Pacquiao the 2nd" to me.
I'll be sleeping alone in our dorm room tonight. All of my roomates went home. I'm kinda scared because, well, I am a scaredy kat..hehe. Yak, ang corny ko talaga. It is pretty scary though. Hayy. How I wish I can go Austria..If I had that much money right now, I'd buy a plane ticket and fly off. But, of course, I can't. First of all because I don't have that much money on me and second because I'll miss someone here. A lot of someones actually but mostly this one person whose name starts with the tenth letter in the alphabet. Besides, I can't miss classes. The final exams are almost upon us again. My goodness, ang bilis.
Nyah. I gotta go back the dorm.