Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kolehiyala blues..
Whoever said that college is no picnic wasn't kidding.
I have to:
1. Submit my RELSTWO church invlovement folder tommorrow. Haven't even finished the journal part.
2. Submit my paper for Chronicle of a Death Foretold on friday. Haven't even started yet.
3. Submit a five page paper about the sacrament of reconciliation for RELSTWO next tuesday. Ditto.
4. Submit a music video/flash presentation with my groupmates for FILIPI2 next Friday. Ditto.
5. Submit a video interview of a WW2 OR 1st quarter storm survivor for KASPIL2 who knows when. Can't find a videocam that uses v8 (why, oh WHYYYYYYYY couldn't he just let us use a dv??).
I'm supposed to be doing homework but I'm doing this instead. That's because I need a break. If I don't pause even for just a bit, I might get information overload or something like that.