Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This is a continuation of yesterday's post. A lot has happened during the last 24 or so hours.

The CLA convocation won't push through tomorrow. So much for my first coverage job. Ah, well. We have loads of other productions this term. I'll have plenty of other oppurtunities to accumulate prods for my invovlement sheet. At least I enjoyed hanging out at the GMG tambayan yesterday. I was reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold while Chuckie and Eric were reciting lines from The Craft. I almost keeled over from laughing. I may have abs now (I wish). Jose was trying to sell us a Benz (sure, I just happen to have some spare change here, I'll buy the car). Benjie was doing his INTRECO homework. I interviewed him a little bit.

ME: What are you doing?
HIM: INTRECO homework.
ME: Ah.
HIM: Second year ka din diba?
ME: Yup. You?
HIM: Oo.
ME: What's your course?
ME: Cool. Philippine Mass Media, right?
HIM: Yup.
ME: So what's the difference between PHM and Comm.Arts?
HIM: Your course is more technical. PHM is concentrated on writing. And, of course, it's in Filipino.
ME: That's cool. Pero diba konti lang kayo sa course nio? I mean, because it's new and all.
HIM: Oo. Karamihan ng PHM students shiftees from CBE.

Something like that anyways.

Moving on.

A lot of people reacted to my post yesterday. About me being in love and all. Well, I am. I so am. I just won't tell them who the mystery guy is. Let them keep guessing. (insert evil laugh here). It's a little hard to explain but I will in my own sweet time. Our situation is a little hard to get used to. I'll start giving out details when I'm more accustomed to it. I promise. I'm sorry if I've left any of you hanging on the edge of your seats. For the meantime, let me tell you, my beloved friends, that his name is Jarren and he is the reason why I can't stop smiling. I'll probabaly get laugh lines now. But I don't care. Trixia, hindi na ko full load!!! Three units na lang. And I plan to keep it that way. I also have a bad case of the mushies. I've been playing the same song on my iPod since yesterday.

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That's my faveeeee song! <3 Hi katarina.